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… Failed asylum seekers also risk arrest if they return to Iran, particularly if forcibly returned, where their asylum application is known to the authorities.
A report issued by a Swiss refugee agency quotes an unnamed judge as saying:
“Asylum seekers are interrogated on return, whether or not they have been political activists in Iran or abroad. If they have tried to conduct propaganda against Iran, then they are culpable and are detained until a judge decides the sentence. In recent years many people have tried to destroy the reputation of Iran and this must be stopped. Such people help the opposition groups and their culpability is plain. Returnees will therefore be held for a few days until it is clear to the police, that they have not been involved in political activity. If the
police can prove that the person was not active and has not done or said anything that could damage the reputation of the Islamic Republic, then they are released. If the person was either politically active in Iran before leaving, or has been active abroad, they must be tried and receive a punishment appropriate to their activities.”

from the amnesty report Index Number: MDE 13/002/2012
Date Published: 28 February 2012

“Iran: ‘We are ordered to crush you’: Expanding repression of dissent in Iran