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Political prisoner Hamid Ghasemi-Shall received the news of his sister’s sudden death simultaneously with the news of his death sentence having been sent to the enforcement division.

Mr. Khodabakhsh, the assistant prosecutor at Evin prison’s sentence enforcement division, confirmed that the death sentence of Hamid Ghasemi-Shall who has been incarcerated for four years, has been received by the enforcement division.

Hamid Ghasemi-Shall is accused receiving Canadian political asylum by being a supporter of the Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MEK/MKO), and soliciting information via email from his high ranked naval officer eldest brother.

The evidence used in issuing the death penalty for Hamid and his brother who died in prison after he received the death penalty, were emails that the Justice Ministry’s experts called fake and fabricated.

But the court, ignoring the testimony of the Justice Ministry’s experts, issued the death penalty based on the testimony of the military’s intelligence officers.


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