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Afghanistan 09 May 2012

Iran Should Return Bodies of Execution Victims, Giving Closure to the Families

On May 9th, many of us in the Iranian human rights community felt overwhelmed and powerless in the face of evil and cruelty.

پیکر قربانیان اعدام های غیر قانونی را به خانواده ها برگردانید و حق سوگواری‌شان را محترم شمارید

در این روز، بسیاری از ما اعضای جامعه حقوق بشری، در مقابل شرّ و بی رحمی، احساس ناتوانی و درهم شکستگی کردیم

Night, lashes, poetry and torture: a poem Farzad Kamangar

On the second anniversary of the death of Farzad Kamangar, we remember him and those that stood with him; Shirin Alamhouli, Ali Heidarian, Farhad Vakili, and Mehdi Eslamian – by Freedom Messenger

posted May 2011 –

Tribute to Farzad Kamangar – Song by Shahin Najafi feat. Shahoo


19 January 2010 Madyar Samienejad published a letter by Farzad Kamangar

روژگار یکی سیره گلم / نامه‌یی از فرزاد کمانگر

05 February 2010 – the Judicial of Farzad Kamangar by Madyar Samienejad:

نامه فرزاد کمانگر به ریاست قوه قضائیه


by Madyar on 9_May 2010 on youtube

صدای فرزاد کمانگر: نامه شعر، شلاق، شکنجه


“I recall the words Kak (brother) Farzad whispered in my ears in our last phone conversation: ‘human rights have no borders. We have to eliminate borders. This is our duty; me from within prison and you from outside’.” (Kurdistan Peace ambassadors in Evin, Kaveh Kermanshahi in Farzad Kamangar Memorial website)

سفیران صلح کردستان در اوین/ کاوه کرمانشاهی


homage to Shirin Alam-Houli by Saba Vasefi on youtube

Shirin, A soloist in the silence room


شیرین علم هولی قرار بود آزاد شود- Shirin Alam-Houli was scheduled to be released


11 May 2010 –  interview on youtube with the lawyer Khalil Bahramian

گریه های خلیل بهرامیان وکیل فرزاد و شیرین علم هولی

Emotional Interview with the Lawyer of Executed Prisoners: “I Am Speechless”


documentation in the Boroumand Foudationدر باره بنیاد عبدالرحمن برومند

Shirin Alamhuli-Atashgah

Farzad Kamangar

Ali Heydarian

Fahrhad Vakili

Mehdi Eslamian


letter by Farzad Kamangar written to the Judiciary – listen to his voice

published by Madyar – may 2012


Letters by Farzad Kamangar – translated by Persian2English

To the Phoenixes of My Country -به ققنوس های دیار ما

Forbidden to Write about You – از تو نوشتن قدغن

Father Gave Water? – بابا آب داد !؟

Burnt Generation – نسل سوخته

My Shoes Are Not All that Connect Me to this Land

دیگر تنها کفشهایم مرا به این خاک پیوند نمیدهد


Sari Gelin ساری گلین