Incarcerated blogger and human rights activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki has written a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announcing the launch of his hunger strike.

According to Hossein’s latest CT Scan, his left kidney is non-functioning and must be removed and his right kidney is also not functioning properly and if surgery is not performed immediately, he will lose his the functionality of his right kidney also.

Despite the recommendations by physicians that Hossein needed treatment and recovery outside of Evin prison, the IRGC Intelligence continues to deny a medical furlough for him.

Following is the translation of Hossein Ronaghi’s letter to Ayatollah Khamenei as published on Kalameh site:

Your excellency Ayatollah Sayad Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic,
With respect and greetings:

Those who listen to the word (good and just), then follow the best of it, those are…

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