ARASH SADEGHI’S Grandfather arrested


Shirollah Dargahi, the grandfather of imprisoned student activist Arash Sadeghi was arrested on Wednesday.

Wednesday night, around 8 PM agents went to the home of Arash Sadeghi’s elderly grandparents, arrested him and took him to an undisclosed location.

According to reports, while Mrs. Dargahi was in shock because of this nightly raid, the agents claimed they are taking her husband for questioning and will bring him back, but all indications are that this 80 year old grandfather has been placed under arrest.

Considering the age, and poor health of Mr. Dargahi, his family is very concerned for his well being. Also, Mrs. Dargahi is doing poorly as a result of the trauma and shock of this nightly raid. According to family, if her situation does not improve, she will have to be taken to hospital.

Arash’s grandfather had recently issued a letter to Arash’s interrogator which was widely covered by…

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