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it has been three years now …

… remebering the moment when the video ‘INJA KOJAST INJA IRAN AST SARZAMINE MANO TO’  was uploaded  on youtube ..

I couldn’t understand any of the words the voice of this woman was saying [I still do neither understand nor speak Persian], but  I could very well FEEL what she meant –  her voice touched me deeply – this was the moment, after spending 7 days and nights in front of my computerscreen, when I lost my heart to Iran’s dissidents, to Iran’s opposition ..

several people added their parts and pieces of translation as comments underneath Oldouz84’ youtube

.. did it take  2 or 3 hours until we had the translation of her words? I don’t remember  … rumours have it this woman managed to flee Iran to Canada …


we all remember  and will never forget the moment, when we learnt about Neda’s death.

candle vigil for Neda --Hajar Rostami Motlagh

Neda’s mother Hajar Rostami Motlagh

Her mother Hajar Rostami Motlagh was under intense pressure not to follow the traditional mourning ceremonies .. not only they murdered her daughter – on top they wanted to deprive the mother of her mourning ..

Mourning Mothers of Laleh Park ..

Mothers breaking the silence: Sohrab´s, Neda´s and Ashkan´s mothers met women activists

23 July 2009

Mothers breaking the silence: Sohrab´s, Neda´s and Ashkan´s mothers 


a picture from Facebook from a woman named Neda Soltani was mistakenly published as Neda’s together with the news about Neda’s death .. Neda Soltani had to flee her homeland because of the threats she had to suffer from the Iranian regime …


Munich, 29 Khordad 1391