“” During the interrogations of these detainees, the interrogators claimed that they had been identified by the Cyber Army specifically through their Facebook posts and comments. .. “”
از حدود یک ماه قبل و با تلاش بسیار برای مخفی نگه داشتن دستگیری ها
بازداشت گسترده فعالان اینترنتی در استان های مختلف کشور

چکیده :از حدود یک ماه قبل موج تازه ای از بازداشت ها آغاز شده است، موج تازه ای که ظاهرا به بسیاری از شهرها سرایت کرده و جوانان کشورمان را در اکثر استان ها بی نصیب نگذاشته است. تمامی این بازداشت ها با اتهاماتی همچون فعالیت اینترنتی و یا توهین به مقدسات در فضای مجازی انجام گرفته است و خانواده های این جوانان به شدت توسط ماموران زندان و بازجویان تحت فشار هستند که اخبار این دستگیری ها رسانه ای نشود….


Some reports indicate that a new round of arrests of youth and Internet activists has begun. Reports indicate that the interrogators and Intelligence officers, for reasons unknown, have desperately tried to keep these arrests from being publicized.

According to reports by Kalameh, a new wave of arrests started about a month ago. It appears to have spread to many cities and provinces and has not spared the youth in many provinces in our country.

It should be noted that all of these arrests have taken place under charges such as Internet activity, or charges of blasphemy in cyberspace.

The families of the people arrested are under intense pressure not to publicize these arrests.

The majority of people arrested under this new wave of arrests are incarcerated in the IRGC’s high security ward in Evin prison.

These arrests began on May 23, 2012, and so far, twenty people have been arrested…

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