An analysis of the prisoners who were released and those who remain behind bars, and a look at the people with short prison terms that were recently summoned to prison, easily shows that the release of these prisoners was just an act trying to show good faith and to distract the public on the eve of the Non-Aligned Movement Summit, from the government’s lack of proper and timely response to the recent earthquake in Azarbaijan, and to distract the people from the current economic pressure on the them


Last week a number of political prisoners were released under amnesty by the Supreme Leader.

Last Wednesday, August 15, 2012, according to what Tehran’s District Attorney called “Amnesty by the Supreme Leader” released were; 40 civil activists, 7 convicted of espionage, 5 convicted of blasphemy, 6 journalists and 5 members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalgh (MEK). Along with those released were 9 Ward 350 political prisoners that their sentences were commuted.

Among those released, 21 people had only few weeks to a few months left of their prison term, and would have been automatically released after serving out their prison term. Thus, at least in their case, we must doubt the good intentions of the regime for returning to a “more politically open environment” and a “return to a just Judicial system”.

Further analysis shows that those who currently remain incarcerated under heavy sentences are those who, despite their incarceration, have issued…

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