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helping activists storing their goods

helping activists storing their goods

Hossein Ronaghi_Maleki

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki – LIFE IN DANGER

Navid Khanjani-byAmirKalhor

Navid Khanjani-byAmirKalhor – arrested for helping



amnesty international-  call for URGENT ACTION:

“Blogger and activist re-arrested in Iran
Hossein Ronaghi Maleki and Navid Khanjani were re-arrested on 22 August 2012 after security forces reportedly attacked a relief camp for earthquake victims in the East Azerbaijan province. Both men are being held in an unknown location.”

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“Islamic Republic of Iran Must Free Hossein Ronaghi Maleki and Navid Khanjani and STOP Persecuting Earthquake Relief Workers!”


14 September 2012 – 24 Shareevar 1391

CHRR : انتقال حسین رونقی ملکی به قرنطینه زندان تبریز


12 September 2012

Hossein Ronaghi in dire physical health

P.C.E.D – Hossein Ronaghi, blogger and human rights activist who was among the detained earthquake aid volunteers, is suffering from dangerous internal bleeding of his kidneys. Hossein is being held in a facility in Eastern Azerbaijan and despite his dangerous condition, his release and medical care have been denied.

Hossein Ronaghi who suffers from a severe kidney ailment and has undergone several surgeries, required hospitalization in the past days to receive emergency care for his deteriorating heath. Judicial authorities and security agents in charge have refused to acknowledge Hossein’s medical needs despite the fact that his life his in danger as a result of severe internal bleeding in his kidneys.

On August 22, 2012 Hossein Ronaghi was detained along with his father and brother, Ahmad and Hasan Ronagi Maleki, along with 33 other volunteers and social activists who had gone to the aid of earthquake victims in the province of Azerbaijan. The volunteers were violently detained at their campsite at Sarande by security agents. Some of the volunteers [including Hossein’s father Ahmad and brother Hasan] have since been released on bail but judicial authorities have not disclosed any information regarding a possibility of release for Hossein Ronaghi and a number of other detainees.

mersi @Laleh Roudi for translation

 P.C.E.D.: وضعیت وخیم حسین رونقی در زندان تبریز

EnglishtoGerman: Hossein Ronaghi Malekis Zustand im Gefängnis ernst


06. September 2012 – 16 Shahreevar 1391


بی خبری مطلق از وضعیت نوید خانجانی


03 September 2012

Rising Concerns Over the Health of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki Re-Arrested While Providing Aid to Iran’s Earthquake Stricken Region

Blogger and human rights activist Hossein Ronaghi Malkei one of the 30 social activists arrested after traveling to support Iranians in the earthquake stricken region of Azarbaijan contacted his family by phone, informing them that he is is in poor physical condition as a result of extreme bleeding of the kidneys.
On August 22, 2012 security forces arrested more than 30 social activists who had traveled to provide aid to the earthquake stricken region in East Azerbaijan province. A number of those arrested were released on bail after a few days. The remaining detainees were transferred from the quarantine ward at Tabriz prison to the intelligence ministry where according to a source close to one of the detainees they were subjected to interrogation for a period of five days.
Previous reports indicate that Ronaghi Maleki was assaulted and severely beaten by interrogators of the intelligence ministry in Ahar and Tabriz.
Ronaghi Maleki who had just undergone a 7th kidney operation and a number of other detainees are said to have launched a dry hunger strike, an act that exasperated Ronaghi Maleki’s physical condition and  led to further bleeding of his kidneys.
There are rising concerns over Ronaghi Maleki’ deteriorating physical condition given that the judicial and intelligence authorities have denied Ronaghi Maleki access to any medication and medical treatment.
An IRGC official said the following to one of Ronaghi Maleki’s family members in relation to his recent arrest: ” The IRGC disapproved of his arrest and was not aware that he had been arrested.  Ronaghi Maleki’s medical furlough took place in coordination with the IRGC and judicial authorities and during his time outside prison he had not been involved in any political or suspicious activities and as a result prior to his recent arrest, his medical furlough was extended three times.”
The IRGC official added: “Had the IRGC  been informed of Ronaghi Maleki’s arrest, we would have undoubtedly disagreed for he had been charged by the IRGC’s Intelligence unit and we were fully aware of all his activities.  As a result, had there been a need to act, the IRGC would have undoubtedly taken the necessary measures on its own.”
Hossein Ronaghi Maleki was first arrest by agents of the Intelligence Ministry following the rigged presidential elections in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years prison at the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court presided over by Judge Pir Abbasi.

mersi Banooye Sabz for translation

source on Kaleme نگرانی از وضعیت جسمی حسین رونقی، ﺑﺎﺯﺩﺍﺷﺖ ﺷﺪﻩ گروه امداد به زلزله زدگان