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Allameh Tabatabai university student activist, Arash Sadeghi, was first arrested July 09, 2009, during the suppression of the post-presidential election protests. He was released after 50 days in solitary confinement.

Sadeghi was re-arrested on December 09, 2009 after the mass protests of Ashura, and was later released on March 6, 2010.

Arash was again arrested January 15, 2012, while visiting the grave site of his mother with his grandparents. Arash’s mother suffered a heart attack due to the stress and shock of her home being raided by the security forces who were trying to re-arrest Arash.

Arash’s father, a war veteran, had only spoken to the media (Guardian) once after the death of his wife, this is the first time that he has given an interview to a domestic media.

Following is translation of an interview conducted by Kalameh with Arash’s father Hossein Sadeghi:

Mr. Sadeghi, apparently your son, student…

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