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7 Dec 2009 - Arrested Majid Tavakoli

7 Dec 2009 – Arrested Majid Tavakoli

Majid Tavakoli

on 7 December 2009 –

Students’ Day –

16 Azar 1388-

the day of his latest arrest at Amirkabir University- detained since then

the regime, after they had arrested and obviously brutally beaten  him, put him in this ‘hijab’ to pretend he tried to escape in women’s cloths, as prove he was a ‘coward’ – this lie created a worldwide  campaign ‘we are all Majid‘ – men all over the world covered their hair with a headscarf, and took pictures in solidarity

— the speech he gave on 7 December 2009 at Amirkabir University http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lin9PWr55RU


one year earlier, in 2008, on Students’ Day at Tehran University:
– with English subtitles
IN ENGLISH – Majid Tavakoli’s Speech: December 7, 2008 on


PETITION: Free Majid Tavakoli

and many more in solidarity with Majid

Majid Tavakoli-during a speech 2008-

Majid Tavakoli
-during a speech 2008-


on 21 September 2012 he won the NorwegianStudents Peace Prize

“The pride of the university, and an Iranian hero”

“The Student Peace Prize of 2013 was awarded to the Iranian student leader Majid Tavakoli. The laureate was announced in the main library at NTNU on Friday, UN’s International Day of Peace.”

the Iranian regime of course will not let Majid take part as laureate in his peace prize  ceremony, which is held on 15 February 2013, 19:00  in Trondheim/Norway تراندهایم

You can see a live stream of this event at www.isfit.org.


daneshjoonews 13 February 2013 :

مراسم اعطای جایزه “صلح دانشجویی” به مجید توکلی روز جمعه برگزار خواهد شد

daneshjoonews 14 February 2013

پرده برداری از پلاک یادبود مجید توکلی در شهر تروندهایم نروژ


Majid is imprisoned in Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj, suffering from various health problems – after torture, hungerstrikes, lack of medical care …
simply for peacefully criticizing the government.
like Majid Tavakoli, there are many more arbitrarily jailed:
blogger, journalists, lawyers, women’s rights activists, human rights activists, students, environmental activists, believers of different faiths, civil rights activists  

let’s not forget ONE of them:

please see the -regularly updated-  Iran’s Prisoners List