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PETITION  –  Feb 2013:

FREE Reyhaneh Tabatabaie (ریحانه طباطبائی را آزاد کنید)

2 April 2012 via banouyesabz

Journalist & Green Movement Activist Reyhaneh Tabatabaie Sentenced to One Year in Prison

ReyhanehTabatabaie_4Journalist and Green Movement activist Reyhaneh Tabatabaie has been charged with seeking to obtain free and fair elections and publishing news regarding the Green Movement. Reyhaneh Tabatabaie has been sentenced to 1 year in prison by the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court presided under by Judge Moghiseh.

Kaleme on 14 Farvardin 1391:

ریحانه طباطبایی، روزنامه نگار، به اتهام فعالیت برای دستیابی به انتخابات آزاد و انتشار اخبار جنبش سبز، از سوی شعبه 28 دادگاه انقلاب به ریاست قاضی مقیسه، به یک سال حبس تعزیری محکوم شد

via Green Voice of Freedom in Journalist Reyhaneh Tabatabaie sentenced to one ReyhanehTabatabaie_3year in prison: The ruling claimed she had been influenced by the “deviant” ideas of imprisoned reformist Mostafa Tajzadeh.

Tabatabaie’s other “offences” included the publication of news about political prisoners arrested following the disputed 2009 presidential election, participating in memorial services held for those slain during the post-election crackdowns, lighting candles for them on Vali Asr Avenue, and taking part in sit-ins in front of Evin Prison in solidarity with the families of political prisoners. All of this reportedly constituted “propaganda against the state.”

New York, April 17, 2012–Sustaining their years-long campaign against the press, Iranian authorities have sentenced one journalist to prison and summoned another to serve a jail term, according to news reports. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on authorities to release imprisoned journalists who are being held away from their families and in deprivation.

on 31 January 2013

Reyhaneh was arrested at her home and taken into prison

Kaleme: روایت مادر ریحانه طباطبایی از بازداشت دخترش توسط وزارت اطلاعات

در ادامه موج بازداشت روزنامه نگاران، ریحانه طباطبایی روزنامه نگار روزنامه شرق نیز بازداشت شد

advar news: ریحانه طباطبایی بازداشت شد

Human Rights House of Iran خانه حقوق بشر ایران


ریحانه طباطبایی، روزنامه‌نگار

1 February 2013  Prisoner info for Reyhaneh Tabatabaei

via Iran Prisoner List