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zia nabavi 3Kaleme- March 6th 2013 – Incarcerated student activist and spokesperson for the Council to Defend the Right to Education Seyed Zia Nabavi who has been serving a 10 year prison sentence in exile at Karoon prison was reportedly taken to the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz yesterday and later transferred to an undisclosed location.

The details regarding this sudden transfer remain unclear, though it is believed that Nabavi was probably taken from the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz to the office of the Intelligence Ministry and later transferred to solitary confinement.

Nabavi’s belongings were reportedly searched and his hand written notes were confiscated at the time of his transfer. It is believed that Nabavi’s last letter in which he expressed criticism over the death sentence issued to a peaceful Arab activist by the name of Mohammad Ali Amouri may have resulted in his transfer to Ahvaz’s Revolutionary Court and his ultimate transfer…

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