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on sick leave

02 May 2013  – on sabadesetareh – برای هنگامه شهیدی عزیز و نازنین

15 April 2013 – Hengameh is on a waiting list for a permanent pacemaker

13 April 2013 on sabadesetareh  –  هنگامه شهیدی سکته کرده

12 April 2013 – Hengameh with heart attack – her daughter Parmis Taherian  posts on FB: “به دليل فشار هاى وارد شده در ايام أخير به مادر بيمارى قلبى وى تشديد شد و براى چهارمين بار در معرض سنكوب قرار گرفت و از بعد از ظهر امروز در بخش C.C.U بيمارستان تهران كلينيك بسترى شد براى بهبودى وى دعا كنيد تا دوباره خودش صفحات فيس بوكش را براى شما update كند ” she’s in Tehran’s C.C.U. – Critical/CardiacHengameh in C.C.U. heartattack- 12 April 2013 Care Unit

radio zamaneh : Iranian journalist , Shahidi, has stroke

EnglishtoGerman: Iranische Journalistin Hengameh Shahidi erleidet Herzinfarkt


11 Jan 2013 – Enduring America the Week in Civil Society:

Art for Change” : Hengameh Shahidi — Mehdi Karroubi’s advisor on women’s issues, journalist, and human rights activist — has turned her attention to art. The Financial Times reports that, after being released from Evin Prison “where she was held in solitary confinement and allegedly tortured”, art “offered her a release”. Shahidi says, “I still do not understand how a violent atmosphere has woken up a delicate part of me.”
The activist hopes her paintings can help raise awareness about the approximately 200 political prisoners still behind bars, “I started my paintings with a dream of freedom and breathing in an atmosphere in which there is no fighting because both sides [the regime and the opposition] have been losers.”

10 January 2013: arsehsevom ‘art for change’ 

5 January 2013 – costless copy of the Financial Times artichengameh-exhibition-january2013le on CDI



Release Hengameh Shahidi      

Hengameh_Shahidi by Catherine


Free Hengameh Shahidi – journalist, women’s rights advocate & mother 


Free Iranian Journalist Hengameh Shahidi – closed


06 February 2012
Frankfurter Rundschau:“Offenbacher Bundestagsabgeordnete Uta Zapf unterstützt Iranerin”Hengameh-UtaZapf
14 May 2011
Hengameh’s 36th  Birthday,  the second birthday in Prison
rahezabz: هنگامه شهیدی در بند متادون اوین سی وشش ساله شد
ICHRI: هنگامه شهیدی دومین سالروز تولدش را نیز در زندان گذراند: انتقال به بندمتادون، محروم از مرخصی
02 May 2011
mehriran’s event in Munich -Spotlight für die Gefangenen in Iran?
uli vsanden about Hengameh Shahidi and the violation of Human Rights in Iran
December 2010: interview by a Safe World For Women:
‘My friend Hengameh in Evin Prison’ – Interview with Miriam Elia
23 December 2010  The Faces of Iran’s Imprisoned Journalists
Around 70 journalists are now in the prisons of the Islamic Republic and many others, like me, are free on bail, lacking any security.”  (Open letter from formerly imprisoned journalist Zhila Bani Yaghoob to the Head of Iran’s Judiciary Committee.)
20 December 2010 on youtube هنگامه شهیدی روزنامه نگار زندانی را آزاد می کنیم via Roozbeh Farahanipour: campaign altered the traditional “Free Hengameh Shahidi” into “We will free Hengameh Shahidi,” as to not make any futile
2010:  by A Safe World For Women:  Hengameh Shahidi – Jailed in Iran

27 November 2010 by ICHRI
Hengameh Shahidi Transferred To Evin Prison’s Infirmary Following Hunger Strike

25 November 2010 –
ICHRI: ادامه منع تلفن زدن برای هنگامه شهیدی در زندان پس از انتقال به بند عمومی  
German translation from the ICHRI note : Hengameh Shahidi – kein Telefonkontakt zur Aussenwelt
24 November 2010 
GVF: Journalist Hengameh Shahidi hospitalised following hunger strike
18 November 2010
RAHANA: Hengameh, after returning to prison from her sick leave, was transferred to the methadone ward in Evin
17 November 2010
ICHRI :پایان غیر قابل منتظره مرخصی استعلاجی هنگامه شهیدی: آغاز اعتصاب غذای نامحدود
Persian2English: “Hengameh Shahidi Returns to Prison, Begins Hunger Strike”
Julias blog :Hengameh Shahidi kehrt ins Gefängnis zurück, will Hungerstreik beginnen”
29 October 2010
Women Political Prisoners Write Statement after Release of Hengameh Shahidi”
on daneshjoo news  بیانیه جمعی از زنان زندانی سیاسی به مناسبت آزادی هنگامه شهیدی
28 October 2010
Hengameh Shahidi zwecks ärztlicher Behandlung vorläufig frei
“Hengameh Shahidi Temporary Released for Medical Treatment”
هنگامه شهیدی به صورت موقت آزاد شد
15 October 2010 –  ICHRI: 
Fruitless Efforts to Reduce Shahidi’s $600,000 Bail”
22 September 2010
Mohammad Mostafaei enthüllt Einzelheiten aus dem Fall Hengameh Shahidi: Schläge, Folter, Scheinhinrichtung
Untold Details about Hengameh Shahidi’s Case: Beatings, Torture, Mock Execution 
Human rights lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, in a post in his blog, discloses disturbing facts about the mistreatment of his client Hengameh Shahidi in prison.
ناگفته هاي پرونده هنگامه شهيدي- محمد مصطفايي وکيل هنگامه شهيدي   Mostafaei’s blog is included in P2E
16 September 2010 on VOA in farsi ‘A conversation with Nahid Kermanshahi, mother of Hengameh Shahidi, about 600, 000 dollar bail to allow her daughter to go for medical care’

summary: “”She talks of how she and her husband (who are both retired teachers) cannot afford the $600,000 bail set for temporary release of Hengameh. She wonders how an american woman’s bail was set 500,000, while the bail for Iranian woman is so much higher. She also warns that “I hold each and every official responsible should anything happen to Hengameh….My daugther is sick, and I cannot afford this bail money. This is the worst pain for a mother”. She says she only has a flat whose deed she can use as a bail. Plus, she has to pay the medical bill for all her daughter’s illnesses (once she gets out), all of which she contracted in prison. She asks to visit Tehran’s prosecutor. She’s pursuing Hengameh’s case on daily basis like a full time 9-5 job.””

14 September 2010  der Tehraner Staatsanwalt fordert für Hengameh’s  vorübergehende Entlassung die -für die Familie unerschwingliche – Kaution  von € 460 000; Hengameh leidet an einer Herzkrankheit; sie hat gastro-intestinale Beschwerden, Kreuzschmerzen, nervenbedingtes Rheuma, und ernsthafte, erhebliche Blutdruckschwankungen; sie braucht dringend ärztliche Hilfe, die ihr innerhalb des Gefängnisses verwehrt bleibt; außerdem ist es ihr seit über 4 Wochen verboten zu telefonieren.
$ 600,000 bail for journalist Hengameh Shahidi’s temporary release! She is in poor health,  but upon hearing news of this hefty bail has said that she rather not leave since her family can’t afford it. via RAHANA

11 September 2010“If a $600,000 bail is posted, Tehran prosecutor will agree to her release. According to a report by Tahavole-Sabz, six months after she had requested a leave for medical reasons, and the continuous efforts by her family, Tehran prosecutor called her family and said that in exchange for $600,000 bail… their daughter would be released. This, despite the fact that this journalist has had heart problems and her family is unable to come up with $600,000 bail money. She has also been banned from making phone calls in the past month. Shahidi who was re-arrested in Winter 2009 after 4 months of freedom, has been barred from personal visits. She has been unable to see her mother and other family members for the past 8 months. Hengameh Shahidi, journalist and general secretary of Tahkim Vahdat Party was arrested in the aftermath of Iran presidential election and was sentenced to 6 years of prison”” translated by Tourang Irani

07 September 2010  Hengameh’s  family was allowed to meet with her – they  are deeply worried for Hengameh’s medical condition

02 September 2010  
on LissNup’s blog: by Rochelle Terman – 
Hengameh Shahidi – Reflections on a hijab-wearing Iranian feminist
Berkley news  originally published on 27 August 2010
30 August 2010:

Interview with Hengameh’s Mother -on Rahesabz: مادر هنگامه شهیدی: حال دخترم وخیم است

21 August 2010 –
پایان غیر قابل منتظره مرخصی استعلاجی هنگامه شهیدی: آغاز اعتصاب غذای نامحدود
Despite Dire Need, Hengameh Shahidi’s Requests for Medical Leave Denied
‘Hengameh Shahidi darf sich nicht außerhalb des Gefängnisses ärztlich behandeln lassen’
09 June  2010 -Committee to Protect Journalists –
Iran press crackdown continues a year after disputed vote
30 May 2010 – Human Right’s House of Iran  –  RAHANA
“Hengameh Shahidi, a journalist and a member of the Etemadeh Melli (National Trust) party was attacked by a drug addict criminal in the women’s ward.”
26 May 2010  Kaleme
مصطفایی خبر داد:انتقال هنگامه شهیدی به بند عمومی،شکایت از قاضی مقیسه به دلیل تخلفات فراوان
Hengameh has been transferred to General ward of Evin 
24 May 2010Human Right’s House of Iran –  RAHANA
At 1 am, on Monday, May 24 2010, Ozrasadat Ghazi-Mirsaeed, Atefeh Navabi, Fatemeh Rahnama, Hengameh Shahidi, Rayhaneh Hajebrahim-Dabagh and Mottahareh Bahrami were taken to ward 209 of Evin Prison to face interrogation.

29 April 2010  Madyar’s blog :  تسریع بازگشت زندانیان به زندان با نزدیک شدن خرداد

25 April 2010 -Human Right’s House of Iran – RAHANA
Hengameh Shahidi’s Mother Fears for Her Health
Hengameh Shahidi was taken to the Evin prison clinic, says her mother. [their webpage doesn’t exist  anymore, RAHANA has a new one ]
04 March 2010 amnesty urges release of activist Hengameh Shahidi
[link doesn’t exist anmore]
03 March 2010 amnesty: “Iran: Further information: Journalist imprisoned after appeal rejected: Hengameh Shahidi” [link doesn’t exist anymore]
25 February 2010 -Persian 2 English- “Hengameh Shahidi Arrested Again

RAHANAهنگامه شهیدی بازداشت شد | رهانا  [their webpage doesn’t exist  anymore, RAHANA has a new one ..please search on RAHANA here]

03 December 2009 – Committee to Protect Journalists
‘Iran sentences two journalists to long prison terms’
02. November 2009
Julia’s Blog: Hengameh Shahidi,  ist am Sonntag gegen eine Kaution von 900 Millionen Rial freigelassen worden.
Radio Zamaneh – Iranian journalist, Hengameh Shahidi, released
24 September 2009 – BBC 4 – Woman’s Hour: 
‘Imprisoned Iranian journalist and human rights activist’
 02 September 2009 – amnesty Deutschland – URGENT ACTION:
18 August 2009  ‘FREE HENGAMEH SHAHIDI’-Petition

30 June 2009 – Hengameh Shahidi arrestedHengameh_1


Facebook Groups “Free Hengameh Shahidi”




FARSI- RAHANA’s list of Prisoners – هنگامه شهیدی، روزنامه‌نگار و وبلاگ‌نویس