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my Norwegian friend Mona Bentzen travelled from Norway to Kabul

Mona is an artist and director and a devoted human rights activist; she went on this journey on her own initiative,  on her own expenses and without any further support  – to find out what happens to deportees from Norway to Afghanistan ..


Kabul by Mona
14 March 2013

in Kabul she was living with deportees from Norway and from other European countries; her reports are disturbing – and not at all congruent with information given by deporting authorities in Europe regarding the security situation for deportees …

I wish so very much her diary-report was translated to English .. but I couldn’t wait any longer for the – hopefully soon coming –  translation; I’ve been using googletranslator, which isn’t translating well, but it’s helpful to get the main points

Mona published it on her facebook and Flyktning i Norge پناهنده در ناروی

published it with her permisson

her diary from 16 February till 20 March 2013:

  Reisebrev fra Kabul av Mona Bentzen 

in Kabul  by Mona  March 2013

in Kabul
by Mona
March 2013


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on  Flyktning i Norge  پناهنده در ناروی

28 April 2013

From Norway to Afghanistan: Turkish Airlines’ Unethical Business and The Dangerous Road to Quetta



by: Abdul’s  Kabulblog – stop Deportation of Afghans to Afghanistan

Kabulblog  by Abdul

by Abdul

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