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It’s been some days now one sentence by Saba Vasefi out of this article won’t leave my thoughts

Mohn (1)

– the article, published on 25 October 2013  is a must-read!! anyway ..

Burying Freedom  –
“The Iranian government is prepared to use its power to undermine [human and social rights] and promote behaviours that would not otherwise be acceptable in a free society. By enforcing this state of affairs, cruelty and aggression are replicated in the society and as a result hatred and indifference becomes common between people; NO ONE CAN TRUST ANYONE ANYMORE, PEOPLE WITHDRAW FROM EACH OTHER AND THE BASIS FOR A FREE SOCIETY DISAPPEARS.”

What a terrible feeling!   if I couldn’t trust the one, I just had coffee with,  the one, who smiled at me this morning, when we met on the stairs, the one who sat next to me on the bus – having this feeling all the time, I might get used to it, learn to live with it, but I’d never feel comfortable with it; I might sink into depression, might become suspicious of everybody .. what a burden !!! what a misery !!! – and what, if I had to grow up with this feeling?

how to talk with each other? how to share ideas?  how to forge out common plans?