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According to Kaleme, agents from the IRGC, Ministry of Intelligence, and over hundreds of prison guards violently raided Ward 350 of Evin prison and beat up prisoners using batons and other weapons. At least 30 prisoners were injured during the violent assault and 4 political prisoners are so far known to have been transferred to hospitals with sustained injuries. 32 political prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement during the brutal altercation.

Political prisoners had protested the aggressive nature of prison inspections, which culminated in today’s vicious skirmish. The authorities videotaped and took pictures of their actions.

The level of violence against the prisoners was so brutal that the mini bus transferring them to solitary confinement and the prison infirmary, and also the outside area were permeated with bloodstains.

Omid Behrouzi sustained a ruptured vein, Esmail Bazergani sustained broken ribs and Ali Amini sustained a broken head. An unnamed prisoner sustained…

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