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with special thanks to Negin Bank for her translation on FacebookEvin Prison

The following is the english translation of part of the letter issued by 74 political prisoners in ward 350 of Evin prison in Tehran. The report describes what the prisoners witnessed during the violent raid carried out by Iranian plain clothes agents and prison guards on the morning of “Black Thursday” in Evin prison in Tehran and includes the list of the injured prisoners and the extent of their injuries.  Further updates from Thursday raid in ward 350 of Evin prisons will be reported as soon as translated:


“On 17 April 2014 around 9.30 AM a number of plain clothes agents together with prison guards and prison officials entered ward 350 of Evin prison in Tehran to carry out inspection.  Plainclothes agents who were probably from the security apparatus entered the ward rooms and after body inspections, sent the prisoners to the outdoor courtyard and closed the building’s door on them.

During the inspection, prisoners in the prison courtyard realized that their inmates who were still inside the rooms, were being severely beaten by the plainclothes security agents and the prison guards.  Unfortunately despite prisoners protests, not only the violation was not  stopped, but protesting prisoners were also unexpectedly and severely attacked by the security agents with batons, iron rods and punched and kicked.

In the mean while prison officials including security and prison guards not only did not prevent the beatings and insultings of the prisoners and the destruction of their belongings, but they encouraged the agents and prison guards who were acting under their orders to engage in physical confrontation against the prisoners.

In this sad and inhumane incident 14 persons among the prisoners inside the rooms, who were beaten in front of others, were transferred to an unknown location blindfolded while severely bleeding and the rest of those beaten and injured including the ill and the elderly were confined in the courtyard and the officials refused to issue report on the number of those injured and on the extent of damages brought to the prisoners belongings.  In order to register the extent and the severity of physical injuries born by the abovementioned persons, their names, following professional exam carried out by two doctors among the prisoners are here below reported:

  1. Kamyar Sabet Sanat: severe nervous shock – chest tightness or pain with heart symptoms following the use of sublingual medication, the symptoms were largely reduced.
  2. Omid Behroozi: a deep cut on the anterior surface of the right wrist with the sharp object associated with severe bleeding and by taking appropriate action hemostasis was established.  He was then sent to the infirmary . First examination reveals possibility of foreign object in the wound.
  3. Akbar Amini Armaki : relatively deep laceration in the scalp above the right ear , which was a step towards maintaining homeostasis. Blood clotting and swelling in the posterior part of the head followed by dizziness, nausea and blurred vision.
  4. Esmail Barzegari:  swelling and extreme ache in the lower left portion of the chest which were consistent with symptoms of broken ribs.
  5. Ali Rajai: aching in the right forearm, bruising and aching over a strip shaped area formed in the back (left and right shoulders).
  6. Amin Chalaki: aching  with abrasions and blood clotting in the posterior region of the left elbow.
  7. Masoud Arab Choobdar: aching of the right shoulder and upper right arm with swelling and limitation of motion in the right shoulder joint.
  8. Farshid Fathi: aching and swelling and limitation of motion in the joints of the big toe of his left foot.
  9. Seyyed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki : aching and minor swelling in the posterior region of the scalp, small and shallow cuts on the fingers and palm of left hand and right hands.
  10. Majid Mohammadi Moeen: redness and inflamed left eye and soreness with bruising around his left eye .
  11. Asghar Ghatan: aching with slight swelling in left and right legs.
  12. Emad Bahavar: multiple aches throughout the body, strip-shaped bruises in the back and shoulders, minor abrasions and bruises on the wrists of both hands .
  13. Peyman Kassen Nejad: aching and bruising in the left forearm in the anterior right leg.”


source: Kaleme