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Thursday 26 June 2014 Shadi Amin of 6Rang and Raha Bahraini of Justice for Iran will join a panel to launch the first ever report, Pathologizing Identities, Paralyzing Bodies, on how Islamic Republic laws set the grounds for misinformation and forced sex reassignment procedures of transgender, gay and lesbian Iranians in order to erase this segment of the population. Each year thousands of Iranians flee to neighboring Turkey to save their lives, including many transgender, gay and lesbian citizens. The panel is part of the weeklong 2014 Istanbul Pride. It will take place at 2 pm at the Cezayir Meeting Hall. Follow them live on UstreamFacebook and Twitter.


24 june 2014





Justice4Iran and SheshRang launch the new report

Torture in the name of treatment: Breaking the silence on medical abuse against transgender, lesbian and gay people in Iran

 that details how lesbian, gay and transgender individuals in Iran are being diagnosed with gender identity disorder and told to undergo medical treatments, including sterilization, to “cure” themselves of homosexual feelings and cross-gender expressions.

گزارش انگلیسی پروژه مشترک عدالت برای ایران و شبکه لزبین ها و ترنسجندرهای ایرانی ( شش رنگ) در مورد عمل های تغییر جنسیت در ایران، زندگی همجنسگرایان و ترنسجندرها بر اساس 88 روایت زنده و تکان دهنده منتشر شد
فارسی آن در بیش از 400 صفحه بزودی منتشر خواهد شد.



Stop Reparative Therapies & Mandatory Sex Reassignment Surgeries

Homophobia, Transphobia and  Health Care Abuses in the Islamic Republic of Iran

a briefing report:

pdf on 6Rang.org


Pathologizing Identities, Paralyzing Bodies

detailed report about Human Rights Violations Against Gay, Lesbian and Transgender People in Iran

pdf on 6rang.org



to end with a story of hope, which is somehow related:


20 Feb 2014 – Humans of NewYork








The Daily Beast – 28 February 2014 –

A gay refugee couple from Iran have become Facebook superstars thanks to a shout-out on Humans of New York. They talk to The Daily Beast about life for Iran’s persecuted LGBT community in a country that denies their very existence. more here:

Gay, Iranian And Stylish in Exile



14 February 2014

Googoosh, Iranian Pop Queen, Sends Poignant LGBT Message With ‘Behesht’ Video

Written and Directed by Navíd Akhavan
Executive Producer Neda Kermani
Produced by Ehsan Haghighat
Lyrics by Roozbeh Bemani