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Petition von ProAsyl

human rights lawyer in Greece:

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03 June 2017

Preparing, in the context of a pending case, an informative note for the ECtHR, on the political decision between Greece and Germany to halt the transfer of refugees who should be reunified with their family members in other EU countries. This decision is taken in knowledge that it breaches the human rights of thousands. Refugees awaiting family reunification with their relatives in Germany for more than 6 months, should communicate with Pleiades legal team for refugee protection at pleiadeslegal@gmail.com  .

16 June 2017 (1)

ECtHR rejects the interim measure request of 2 Syrians who live in squats with newborn babies and whose “take charge” by Germany has exceeded 6 months (time-limit within which they should have been transferred). On the same day (of the rejection), they are called to travel to Germany.

This reveals a new chapter of arbitrariness, though, as the travel agency, to which the asylum service refers the asylum-seeking mothers
1) informs them that they have to buy their own tickets, because “the funds have expired and will possibly be restored in September”. if they don’t bring the money today, they (are told they) will have to wait till September to see what will happen then.
2) charges much higher prices (more than 15 %) than what the airline does for the same tickets, same flight (i checked it on-line), and buys a specific expensive kind of tickets, ONLY (flex, with baggage)
3) does not give a receipt for the money received (more than 1000 euros for these two cases)

Travel Agency has received an inquiry. If I don’t get a prompt answer, the Prosecutor will be relatively informed…

PS Officially, transfer is funded 25% by Greece and 75% by the EU. There is no public information that “funds are over” (on the contrary).
If transfer doesn’t take place within 6 months from the acceptance by Germany to “take charge” of the examination of the asylum claim, then, according to Dublin III, Germany is considered as no longer responsible to receive the applicants..

16 June 2017 (2)

Very interesting info coming out as regards Dublin family reunification transfers… Travel agency has orders (by Ministry – Asylum Service) for 70 transfers to Germany per month. Not even ONE more. If the refugees are accepted to fly in July, they have to buy the tickets themselves since Greece was allegedly late in procuring the next electronic contest and no new contract with travel agencies is going to be signed before end of July (their current mandate expiring end of June).

Around 2500 should be moved to their families in Germany. 70 per month “ceiling” makes us 420 in 6 months. If 6 months pass, Germany can refuse to take them. The “take charge” is no longer valid.
It is confirmed that my 2 clients (who accidentally were accepted on the day their interim measure request was rejected) “should not normally be flying now” (!), as the 6 month time limit has expired for them. They got “special orders to include them in the 70 of July”. In case of 6 month time limit’ s expiry (counting starts on the date Germany accepted to have them), the Greek Asylum Service makes A NEW -uncertain- take charge request to Germany, the latter being in a position to accept or decline what would otherwise be obligatory to it…



19.05.2017 – ProAsyl

Dublin-Familienzusammenführung: Innenministerium deckelt letzte legale Wege



30.05.2017 – ProAsyl

Mouzalas-Brief bestätigt Vereinbarung zur Deckelung von Familienzusammenführung aus Griechenland

Ein öffentlich gewordenes Schreiben des griechischen Migrationsminister Iannis Mouzalas an Bundesinnenminister de Maizière vom 4. Mai 2017 zeigt: Entgegen der Angaben des Bundesinnenministeriums (BMI) und Regierungssprecher Dimroth verweist Mouzalas auf eine Vereinbarung, in der unmissverständlich eine Deckelung der Familienzusammenführungen nach der Dublin III-Verordnung festgelegt wurde.

4 May 2017

letter by Greek Minister Ioannis Mouzalas to German Minister Thomas de Maizière

OHCHR – United Nations – Human Rights – Office of the High Commissioner:

Convention on the Rights of the Child